How Not to Catch A Virus- You know like that show but with Predators

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Don’t I look great! The reason why this picture is here which I messed with the color, filter, and crop is to share with the world that no matter how small something is I will have to torture it to show my love.
I do not have much experience with creating anything with a computer, maybe except using the paint tool! The only thing that I took part in with a type of media maker is making a “commercial” to speak on the awareness of Autism. The best part of that for me was being in it, however I was with my friend for most of the way watching him piece and cut media and then making it into something we were both so proud of. I wish I had a copy but it was on some tech site that deleted the video in a month and my computer was not compatible with it so I never got to save it. Clearly I need some help with these things, I am not ashamed to admit I am not tech savvy. And so my friend..he moved to Israel so I guess that is a lost cause. When it comes to making music I have done that with my brother’s phone and played with the auto-tune and of course as any girl with a phone I know about cropping, filtering photo’s just for the sake of what if my whole life was in black and white.So overall I am super excited to learn things that I had no idea I would ever learn how to do, like make those funny gifs, boy watch out world. Evil mind powerful device, what can’t go wrong. Oh and also, maybe we can have a lesson on how not to catch viruses just maybe 🙂

Author: brittg

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