Do You Need a Domain Name Now?

Your own domain? I guess it would be a good thing to have. I think people have their own domain names, because it gives them the freedom to customize, and post anything they desire. If you are a professional, who needs their own domain, then you should have one. However, if you are a student, who aspires to be a professional, I do not think you should obtain a domain, at this time. Students tend to post things that can jeopardize their futures, and that should not be on a domain; that should continue to be a social media aspect. Students have no content to post on a regular, and have no site viewers, unlike an entertainer or public figure.

I am not sure whether my domain name will consist of my name, or an alias, because I do not plan on keeping it. I aspire to be a well-known journalist, and best selling author, but a domain is something I will require when I need to.

The domain I might use is CheRhys. Che Rhys is a play on my name.

By Chereese Sheen

Future journalist and Best Selling Author

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  1. You made a lot of points on how it may be a bit too early for students to create domain names. But wouldn’t it be good to establish a domain name now and build upon it so that when you’re looking for employment you have something interesting to show them in regards to original content that you’ve produced? Especially since your domain name could, just as well, be your real name.

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