Weekly Reflection 2

For this semester the two assignments I hope to accomplish are photoshop and visual design. I haven’t learned how to photoshop but I’ve seen it done on a bunch of websites and I know I can learn the techniques to create my own work. I also hope to learn and achieve visual design so that I can make unique art of my own. I think its good thing that we get to choose the assignments because it shows what we’re comfortable with doing and how we like to create different things. Although I probaly won’t get all the points for every assignment I’ll try my best to get as much as possible.pjs

Although I really want to learn a lot from this class and many of the topics look interesting when I’m on the computer I get lazy because I know I have a lot work to do which is the reason why I chose this gif. Sometimes if I just sit back in the chair it helps me work things out one at a time.

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