My game plan for communication technology includes a lot of hard work.  I want to aim to complete all the Weekly Reflections, Digital Story Projects, Critique Post, Event Organizer and Blogging. I enjoy doing the weekly assignments. For the weekly reflections, I plan on taking about forty-five minutes on planning, writing and editing my post. For the Digital Story Projects, Critique Post, Event Organizer and Blogging, these will take me close to two hours to complete. I am nervous to try to attempt the Digital Story Project because I have not worked with a lot of technological mediums such as gifs and mashups. I enjoy blogging. I am so excited to start blogging. I chose the Digital Story Projects, Event Organizer and blogging because I want to be knowledgeable in those aspects of blogging.

For the Digital Story Project, I plan on using this

Another link I plan to use this.

These two links are assignments I plan on completing. I also plan on using The Daily Create.


I think the professors have decided to give students a choice of activities to complete so that students can have a variety and do the post they truly want to do. I plan to complete the assignments the day before it is due. I have considered that I might not receive the full point value for the assignment. Therefore, I am going to try really hard on each assignment so that I do.


One of my favorite show is The Mindy Project. I’m planning on doing this dance when I accomplish each assignment for communication technology. I chose this gif because I love the show The Mindy Project and every episode is hilarious. Hopefully I complete most of the assignments for this class.

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