The plan

I’m so excited to see what this class brings me at the end of the semester.  I plan on blogging, doing the digital story projects, commenting, doing the weekly reflections, being involve into my personal website, being on time and also possibly creating an event organizer.  One assignment I plan on doing is blogging because I’ve always been interested in it and have thought of doing it for awhile, so I believe starting to do it in this class will brighten my horizon, an example of blogging is Another assignment I am really thinking of doing is the event organizer, I feel like it would be extremely interesting especially since you’re able to create whatever you want, one event assignment that caught my eyes is this example right here I think The professors are given us the option to do whichever assignment we want to do because this class is about creativity, expressing yourself, your ideas without being limited to anything. It might change but I plan on checking the site like 3-7 days a week for at least 20 minutes especially since I am trying to expand my creativity and learn from everyone. Yes, I have considered that I may not get full credits for an assignment that’s why I plan on doing as much as I can “just in case”. I chose this GIF because I found it relate-able especially when I haven’t workout in awhile and I go back and have an amazing workout even though I didn’t feel like going to workout.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling