A Blitz of Social Media

I am hardly on any social media platforms. I check Facebook once in a while, but I am always on twitter. I only check YouTube for makeup and hair tutorials. I love feeling inspired. I check tumblr for fashion ideas and different makeup looks. It was Fashion Week in New York City, so many blogs, Tumblrs, and Facebook accounts are updating and sharing their makeup and fashion style along with the outfits they seen on the runway. I use my social media accounts differently. For my Twitter account, I mostly retweet quotes and fashion outfits. For Facebook, I like pictures and talk with friends and family members. My Facebook is private and my Twitter is public. I decided to make my Facebook private because I hardly check it. In addition, I only add people I know whereas on Twitter anyone can follow me. I hardly post photos on Facebook and Twitter. As for my Twitter, it is public because I mostly retweet inspirational quotes and read articles.


I enjoyed reading Danah Boyd’s Controlling your Public Appearance. Her article was funny, witty, and informative. The article strengthens my belief that you should always be mindful of what you post on social media. I believe that social media can help forge friendships and can help communicate with a family member overseas, but one must be mindful of what one posts online.This article does not change my mind about how I use social media. I mainly use social media to interact with friends and to retweet inspirational quotes.

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