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I personally use Facebook and have 3 accounts and created 1 page. All three of my accounts are private and there is one account that I added no one and my use for it is to upload private images that I want no one to see but images that I want to keep forever instead of using a USB or keeping on my computer because I find using those unreliable because I lose USBs and I’m worried that my computer will crash which it has previously 4 times. I use my main account to interact and stay connected with old friends but it is also private. My third account I used for Facebook games. I also have an Instagram that I only posts pics of myself and no one else because of my over-protective family.  This Instagram account is public. I have read Danah Boyd’s  “controlling your public appearance”, and I understand what she means. I wouldn’t want to be found on google but then again I only post things that aren’t inappropriate that will affect my future job or worry my family. My private Facebook account cannot be found when you search it on google.



I previously had a youtube account that I made AMVs. I created about 50 AMVs but then at one point in my life I just deleted them all and only uploaded 2 videos that I drew because I wanted the youtube account to be more about my drawings even though I only created two and I don’t really mind if they are a hit or not, I just like how it is available for me to link some of my friends in. I also have a Google plus account that I only use to log in onto youtube so there isn’t much use for my Google account. I don’t upload images of me on my Google plus account, instead I use animated images.

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