Plan to an A

Most of the class will focus on blogging because it allows you to receive 550 points if you do everything correctly, but I will also focus on another aspect which are the weekly reflections. This is an easy thing to complete because we are just writing about what he think and know. Its no right or wrong answer and we get to express ourselves. I am in no rush to have these assignments completed. I will take my time so I can learn more and give the best blogs and reflections that I can. Attendance is also another way to get easy points.


I chose this GIF because that was my reaction when I found out we can choose what we wanted to work on for this class and didn’t have to complete every single assignment

2 thoughts on “Plan to an A”

  1. I like the GIF reaction. What is the specific plan to an A? What assignments will you be working on regularly? How will set up a regular schedule/time frame to complete those assignments? Will they be during the evening hours at home or while you are on campus in the lab? Try to be as specific as you can.

  2. I love this! I wish I can steal your answer, maybe I can tagg myself and that way I can say I have completed this weekly reflection as well 🙂

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