Oh Really? Okay.

Boyfriend: My phone was dead, but I saw you call me.
Me: So if your phone is dead, you can see missed calls?
Boyfriend: No. My phone was just dead.

People often use this GIF when they REALLY want to either say something mean, or physically attack somebody. Instead, they will do what Evelyn Lozada did to Suzie, on Basketball Wives. Give them a deadly look, then simply nod your head. Don’t hurt them. Let them live. Keep calm. No shade.

2 thoughts on “Oh Really? Okay.”

  1. I love this show!!!! I think its cool how you promoted her website for make-up. I completely forgot she had a line, might have to check it out.

    – Valerie

  2. This is so neat. That nod is definitely something that a lot of us do on social media. I think i would probably use a GIF like that.

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