My head almost exploded from doing this



My game plan is learn how to manipulate and enhance pictures in Photoshop. I would also like to learn how to do more GIFs, animation, and create logo.  I choose  those two because I think it would be beneficial gaining more skills and knowledge with modifying images on the web.Although my major is graphic design, I barely know how to create anything which is just sad! But I have the opportunity now. I just hope I can remember everything I learn because it can get overwhelming. We are given these kids of assignments of creating graphical work on our own to push us to learn more without the assistance of our teacher. Being too dependence isnt good. I was confused in class trying to do this GIF, the first I ever made. I was beginning to get frustrated. But I came home and did research and figured it out on my own! I’m proud of myself. It was more simple than I thought. I choose this GIF because its funny and was a perfect example of a GIF. I think a good pace would be completing my work asap, but not pressuring myself at the same time. Rushing makes me feel overwhelmed and panicky.

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