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My game plan for this course is to listen and learn as much about this course because I know it will be of help to me towards my career. I plan to complete more than enough of the assignments to get me a lot of points to ace this class. I plan to get to here on time, and have a complete attendance. I want to listen and learn more fun and creative ways to use technology specifically computers, cameras etc. Two examples of assignments I’d like to talk about are the reflection 1 and reflection 3. I chose these two assignments because they are technology inclined, they consist of using computers, cameras, and socIal networking. I think these assignment are giving the choice for these kinds of assignments because people have many difference. Dealing with modern day technology some people may not be good with computers, or some people may not be good with camera and the internet so I think it is nice that students have a choice in there assignments. I am going to spend quality time on assignments so I can get a full knowledge of what I’m doing instead of rushing through it. I know I may not get full points for each assignment but I will go to my professor and ask questions and ask for help if I need it. I am fascinated with this class and I hope to excel, I am ready for the challenges.   image



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CT101 Digital Storytelling