Just nail them down

“A game plan” I never really plan at all. The reason I don’t plan is, because anytime I plan for things it always goes wrong. Though if push comes to shove then I’ve probably pick Photoshop and documenting my weapons skins in my workshop. Either with submitting renders of my custom designs on the weapons or submitting stuff from my deviant art. I believe that the reason we get to choose, because we students can’t use the excuse “it was too hard”. My pace would probably be 2 – 3 blogs a week and complete most of the storytelling assignments. Not receiving full I guess it’s fair I have no problem with that.

My favorite comedian Lewis Black “Your Gonna Love It”

I chose this GIF, because I believe that this class would be a blast and you’ll get to see the a lot of students hard work.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling