The social media accounts I use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. (Those are my accounts)

Instagram is my favorite. I use my Instagram account for posting pictures of myself and sometimes funny quotes. It is like my own selfie book. My Instagram page is public; I do not really get too personal on their. I think I’m pretty enough for everyone to see my photos.

My twitter account is also public. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I use it a lot during award shows or the first episode of a new show. The people I follow are HILARIOUS, so I always have a good time on Twitter. I also use it to follow celebrities; see what they are up to. I love to tweet celebrities because mostly all of them respond back to me.
My Facebook account is private. Very Private. Only family and friends are accepted as Facebook friends. If I do not know you, if we do not attend the same school, if you are not in my class, please do not request me. You will FOREVER be in my friend requests. I hardly accept people. My Facebook page is very private because I have photos with friends and family.
Vine is a very fun app I have on my iPhone. It always makes me laugh, which is the main reason why I use it.

Danah Boyd’s post about social media does not change how I feel about it at all. When you post things on websites, it is neve deleted from the web. I can google my name and see photos I’ve taken in high school. You just have to be careful what you post, so you won’t be embarrassed in the long run.

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