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I have an account with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I normally use my Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. My Facebook is a private account, and I try to use it only to see whats going on with the people I know, post pictures of myself, and a few motivational statuses.

My Instagram fluctuates from Private to Public depending on what I post. I use it to post pictures of myself and videos of me singing once in a while. I want to start using it to network and build, so i’ve left it public for the time being. I currently use that account to see funny things and laugh, but I will start using it for social networking.

Lastly, my twitter is something I use just to blurt out random things in my head. I often make reference to lines from different songs I listen to and I talk about my mood a lot. Otherwise I don’t normally use my twitter that often.

The people that can access the content of what i’m posting in each different form of social media does effect what I post. I don’t express too much of my personal business on any of my accounts. I am content with my public appearance and I do feel like we need to be conscious of what we depict. The article didn’t change my thoughts much because I understand that everything I share is public so I assure whatever I choose to display is something i’m comfortable making public.

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– Valerie


By Sincerely_Mel

"I stay true to myself and my style, and i'm always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original" - Aaliyah

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