Hello, Internet!

I hope to really get my creative juices flowing this semester especially for a class like this one that sort of forces you to be overwhelmingly imaginative and expressive. I plan on doing a fair amount of blogging, digital story projects (making a variety of gifs; playing with different programs such as Photoshop as well as GIMP), commenting, critiquing posts, and making sure to complete my weekly reflections. I’m mostly looking forward to creating my own domain name and website that truly symbolizes who I am, what I’m interested in, and what defines me as a person, as well as an artist. I chose these kinds of assignments because I feel they will be able to showcase my talents and creative growth throughout this semester. I will try to make a schedule for my work progress so that I can complete a huge chunk of work each week, especially during class if I can. I have considered that I may not receive full credit for each assignment I complete and I have decided that when this happens, this will push me to put more effort and time into another course activity in order to make up for the lost points.

 hello internet

I chose this gif because even though I’ve been using the internet for as long as I can remember, I know there are going to be a few instances during this class where I’m going to say “How did I not know about this before?” and it’s going to feel like I’m using the internet for the first time – fumbling around, playing with different applications. But I know that even if I do come across something new, it will still be exciting and I’m really looking forward to learning new things and saying “hello” to the internet once again.

Author: Katelyn Kemble

Creative and technical student studying at York College; steering towards majoring in Communications Technology.

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