Got to be careful these days

I only have a Facebook and Youtube account. I once had Twitter and Instagram but i found no need for them and deleted the accounts. I use Youtube for entertainment and educational purposes like informative documentary and tutorials. I love Youtube! But I don’t use my real name or give out any personal information. I use Facebook to connect with family and friends only. My profile is private and only people that I confirm as friends can see my pictures. I am very careful of what I post and what i do on the internet. Anyone can easily look up your name and use any kind of dirt against you. It can hinder a job opportunity and your reputation if you post inappropriate photos or posts.  You can’t show too much of your life on the Web. Now a days you can find out where a person lives just by using Google Maps or searching their name. Numbers, addresses, and criminal records can be found all online. Your privacy is never safe. That article Danah Boyd wrote is very true. You have to guard your identity and information. Its scary how accessible your profiles are.

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  1. Yup, I so agree with you. I don’t know where people will say you have enough social media. People add random people just to be popular. So many people got fired from good jobs b/c they were not careful about what they put into the world. Like I remember this women who tweeted “oh going to Africa hope I dont get aid”, she was fired as soon as she landed in Africa.

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