I was able to create a GIF with Garfield doing a happy dance. Garfield is one of my favorite cartoon characters. In many ways this may seem strange but, Garfield reminds me a lot of myself, that is his perspectives on a lot of things and even how he acts at times. So I decided to go onto YouTube and find an episode of the show that seemed appealing to just about any audience. After, some contemplating and cutting and editing, I was able to make a GIF with Garfield doing his happy dance.

I would say that creating GIFs is an interesting and creative way of representing expressions and emotions. Just make a GIF instead of having to use detailed lettering and words. Of course communication is important and essential but, GIFs are fun and people tend to respond to them in a more unique way. So, personally I say would next time you want to be creative and express yourself make a GIF and send it to someone.


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