I plan to complete the following assignments: blogging, personal website, weekly reflections,the commenting/critiquing of posts and some of the digital storytelling projects (HALLOWEEN SURPRISE) The reason I chose the blogging and commenting assignments is because I believe they’re both something that i like doing since I like to see other peoples work, receiving or hearing other peoples opinions. I chose to also do personal website and weekly reflection because I like the idea of having my own domain and being able to do what ever I want to in it and I can write about the assignments we’ve completed and gain points while I do so. Last, but not least, I chose  digital story telling as an assignment because I really want to learn how to do some of the things I’ve seen done on the internet and i think it would be a really fun and new way to be creative as well as because I would have two professors guiding me through the learning process.
I think you’re giving us the choice of picking of our assignments because you want this to be a fun class where we’re learning about things we like, things we’re entertained by and want to genuinely learn to do, as well as because you want to make it flexible enough for us not to feel pressured with the assignments.
I did take into consideration that I might not get all the point for each assignment which is why I choice so many types of assignments so that at the end of everything the points from each one adds up to what I’d like to be a very good grade.                                                        I chose this image because it seemed appropriate because each of the points from my assignments is going to add up and everyone always wants to be on the winning team.

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