Endless Media Run

We have all this social media, that is suppose to connect us keep us closer.We are checking out notification every second, what is the rush. What are we running after. But I feel like all this is just separating us from everything. I see people text all day but when they sitting next to each other they have nothing to talk about. I have used it all, but I think can there be too much technology? Is it good or bad? I feel technology, social media killed romance. Will WATSON kill our class room? Watson is a supercomputer that will be our new teacher or tutor in future. Hmmm I will miss the human in the classroom.

No body writes hand written letters anymore. Don’t get me wrong I do love it the internet computer world. But where is the limit. People stacking you, stealing pics, hack into personal data. It was shocking to see all those who matter in Hollywood there iCloud was hacked and all there privet pic was stolen. It’s sad to see the only way people connect is over social media, text, why not pick up the phone and call. Recently Facebook is trying to force everyone load there messenger app. I didn’t wanted another app to take my phone space so i delete both. I have books for this semester is my phone, since I deleted Facebook I feel like I have more time. I look around and communicate with people more. Some people have thousand friends in Facebook but Zero in real life, they life in there imaginary world. They think they found happiness. Its sad to see kids bullying online. So many people die because of online bully. I remember this guy jumped of bridge because his roommate video tape him with this boyfriend. Use this media to for good, and peace.

But I know that using Skype and video chatting with someone on the other end of this world is great feeling. Where do we draw a line, put down the cellphone, that ipad, and facebook, all other social media and enjoy the moment. Be careful and don’t loose your job like this Lady.

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