Future Goal – Weekly reflection

If I think I can than I can I find this very true so that is the reason I choose this. I want to keep this in every step of my life, when times are hard.

Weekly Reflection 2 – My game plan will be my personal website it will be so great to have for future as I go forward and take the CT360 web designing, also I will doing a little of everything commenting, digital story telling and more. The assignment that I have chosen is to build my skill better in world of computer, it feels good to just be open to everything. I am a Information System Student and in my major I get to have a taste of every field programming, data crunching, business and web design. I will try to get full points but I will try to do little of everything.

This picture of snoopy I feel like it shows be cool under pressure, since I’m taking 5 classes this semester.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling