The Huddle

In order to earn the 810 points it takes to earn an A+ I plan to do the Blogging and Digital Story Projects. I chose these two because the blogging is worth a lot of points and archiving my thoughts throughout the semester sounds fun. I chose the projects because they seem like something I would be doing anyway if I had the skills. I think you gave students a choice because you want the class to be free, fun, and different and using a menu styled grade makeup achieves that. The pace I work at would depend on how my other classes go but since these assignments seem like a lot of fun, I may actually end up doing them soon after they’re assigned. I don’t expect to get all 850 points I am attempting but I have 40 points of cushion and the possibility of attendance points.  


I chose this gif to reflect my confidence going forward because while I have a good feeling about this class, my attitude is dominantly “Whatever happens happens”. I also tend to use any excuse to inject wrestling or comics into my school work.


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