failed attempted at a first assignment!

sekou house123As far as tools i use i, use many I’m good, with photoshop, and illustrator, and after effects. I also use am comfortable with audio editing software. I am comfortable with all forms of media that doesn’t require me to write too much, And i would like to learn some animated GIF’s.


  1. I am not a professional at making animated GIF’s but if you need help with making them I wouldn’t mine helping you I have made some for various classes. Just let me know if you need help. But by the way the picture of that house is not bad at all, I know I would not know how to do that,,

    1. Thanks Demi! I am not bad with GIF’s either, but I always need help with work. As far as the image is concerned. Ill tell you something my old art teacher told me “You can curse in my class all you want, because to me the only bad word is CAN’T”. As for the house you can do it Autodesk Maya is free for students. The rest is just patience, and Youtube. 🙂

  2. The title!! We can never fail, we can only produce results! What we do with the results matters the most. I like this image, and want to know more about it! What exactly about writing do you not like? Lets work on this here. When we are required to write about what we are passionate or inspired by usually causes us to change our minds! GIFs will be an emphasis in the coming weeks, looking forward.

    1. Thanks for the wise words! Your title sounds way better,lol. The image is something I made in Autodesk Maya. I am by no means an expert, but, eventually i would like to pursue a career in computer animation. As far as the writing part I don’t enjoy that too much, but I enjoy reading sometimes. Writing was never one of my strong points.

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