Take Pride in Where You’re From

Nothing inspires me more than being born and raised in a place they call New York City. From the hectic use of subways, busy streets, bad attitude, and fashion, to giving a homeless person money, being bothered by drunks and addicts and witnessing the most outrageous things. It may come with its detriments but I accept the positive things about New York City. “The City That Never Sleeps” or the “Big City of Dreams”, it has always been a good feeling to me knowing people travel across the world to come to NYC to fulfill there careers and tourists visits for the site seeing. To see how the city has transformed from back in the days is interesting. I am fond of taking this class because I’m am interested in photos, videos etc. I feel taking this class will help strengthen my digital storytelling skill with taking high quality pictures, and making high quality videos. Some of the tools i currently use to take photos and make videos are my iPhone and iPad, and I would use my computer to edit them. I am more comfortable with my iPad and iPhone because i use them the most to make home videos and take pictures. I would love to learn how to get more adjusted with the computers because it can be complicated to handle and comes with a lot of featuresstock-photo-new-york-city-jun-times-square-subway-station-in-nyc-on-june-times-square-is-a-busy-119607622flat,550x550,075,f.u2

3 thoughts on “Take Pride in Where You’re From”

  1. I love black and white photos. Really cool. Theirs a richness in history. N.Y has come a long way, but there is still work to do in our City. Love N.Y

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