Praying For A Good Grade

Praying Mantis


I tend to take a lot of photos of things however; I don’t really edit them too much unless I see a need for it. This semester I have been making beats using Logic Pro. I normally work with the loops of different instruments, mixing them together to create one collaborate sound. Although I don’t have any music samples for you all to listen to I have embedded a picture I took of a praying mantis I saw in my neighborhood.
The reason I chose this photo is because every summer I see at least two praying mantises and I think that is pretty cool considering that they are said to be an endangered species. In the original picture I was standing pretty good distance from the praying mantis so I just cropped the photo so that you could see the mantis better. I used an app called Pic Collage (although I do prefer Pic Stitch) to put the two pictures side by side. I am comfortable with this app (as well as Aviary) because it is very basic; meaning no extensive photo editing experience is needed you just go in and use the app. I would love to get more familiar with Photoshop; I have never used it and think it would be a great software for me to know more about.


  1. Your title is awesomely direct. I also enjoyed your picture because it was different and finding beauty in nature is something to be reminded of.

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