My Intro to Digital Design.

Previous work that

I have done has been completed using Photoshop, illustrator, and After Effects. I was most comfortable with Phtoshop because I had taken many classes in highschool and come to be more accustomed to it. I am more comfortable with photoshop becuase I had a hobby of making my own desktop wallpapers. I would like to learn how to use afer affects more effieciently. I would also like to learn how to use illustrator and how to make vector art and layering in vector art. I always had an interest in tracing an image into vector art. I am also interested in learning how to create art from scratch in photoshop and other software


This is one of the works i have created in high school. I like simplicity and decided to work with a plain backgrounds and silhouettes. As a result i have come up with this.

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