A beginning in editing

i have used AVS video editor to edit some videos that i have either done by myself or with other friends. i haven’t been able to use it as much but it seemed pretty cool and it seemed to able to do some awesome effects on videos if you get used to it. i would like to be able to get to use it more and get more comfortable with. In this cover i used AAVS to edit the video so that these two videos that were recorded at different time could be played at once. This was the first time i had tried it so it didn’t came out perfect but i really would like to be able to use this program more so i could be able to do better edits .

[jwplayer mediaid=”713″]

2 thoughts on “A beginning in editing”

  1. Nice work, and nice Jam! It would cool to see the video directly embedded into the post itself along with the highlighted hyperlink. Give this a try between now and next class.

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