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The images I chose are some of my favorite kinds of graphic images and are images of things I’m interested in using and learning to edit or recreate in this class.I don’t have much experience when it comes to editing images and such but I have used tools like Garageband to edit audio, sounds and to make songs in school and I’ve also used the movie player and editing tools on my toshiba to edit videos and pictures I’ve taken of myself and so on. I feel most comfortable with recording and editing videos and audio because I’ve done more of that, than I have with editing pictures and manipulating texts and other images in general. I personally would like to learn more of everything as well as specifically how to manipulate texts and images to do fun and creative things because it’s something I don’t normally do and it seems fun. It’s also a skill that I think I could use later on in life to do certain projects and activities  in different classes. I am also really excited to learn to manipulate images and texts better because maybe one day I’ll be able to make my own artistic statements, through the images I take and edit, and other people will be interested in them as well.

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