Digital Story Telling Is Definitely Necessary

I would say that I am fairly new to digital story-telling tools even though I am a journalism major, and shooting photos and editing is quite fresh for me. However, I do engage in taking a number of photos for articles and stories that I work on, but when it comes to editing I cease to take an attempt in improving the quality of my photo shots. But as of recently, I’ve tried cropping pictures and improving the brightness, and the coloring, and I still remain a little weak in that area of photo editing. I’ve used some features on my nokia windows phone to do a little editing. However, I would like to learn to use Photoshop and other advance programs. This is a picture that I recently took and shared with social media.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Rosanna Singh

I’m not much of a fanatic when it comes to taking photos as some people are. However, when I do take a photo, in most cases it is because it actually means something to me. I am someone who happens to love red wine. So one Friday evening I was having my usual movie night by myself and I was also relaxing with a glass of red wine, so I figured that was a Kodak moment and i needed to capture the moment. Thus, my bottle of red wine and my wine glass was quite sentimental to me.





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