Photoshop will get me photo with favorite celebrity!

In the past I have used digital manipulating tools such as Photoshop to slightly edit images. I am relatively comfortable with it when it comes to basic photo editing/enhancing such as changing color schemes and cropping objects out, however, I would like to learn to use it better. With photoshop I would eventually want to get to the level of adjusting images to put things into scenes they do not belong without it being noticeable.

Another editing tool I’ve used previously is the computer software called audacity. With this I would take segments of songs I liked most and combine it with those of other songs. I was terrible at this due to my inability to blend the audio samples together seamlessly. I would like to learn this tool and skill so that I can have all my favorite audio pieces together although it would just be a hobby and not something I would do with frequency.

The attached photo is edited by a Photoshop expert and is the type of skill I would like to take from this course.

3 thoughts on “Photoshop will get me photo with favorite celebrity!”

    1. Except that’s not me lol. That’s the photoshop guru who placed himself in that pic. That’s just how nice I want to be at it lol

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