I am an aspiring t.v producer/ t.v writer/ screen play writer. I grew up on watching “The Cosby Show”. This show left such an imprint on the world. I want my work to one day do the same. Influence my generation & culture. This is a recent clip of Ms. Rashad expressing her views, With Oprah on what she felt the show did to America & what it portrayed to millions of viewers. I am very excited about taking this Ct -101 class. I love film & art. Still images can tell a million stories to me, better than moving pieces. I don’t know much about the digital story telling world, but I am eager to learn!!I am very good with Apps, and teaching my self how to use them. So I am a fast learner. I am good with lens & photography! I am also very good at communicating. I feel I have a good foundation to build upon & to expand. Looking forward to this semester.

4 thoughts on “Phylicia Rashad …..EVERYONE’S FAVORITE MOM!”

  1. This is so inspiring, and she is such a women of class. The Cosby Show in my opinion is one of the greatest and funniest television show ever made.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Theirs a rich essence to the show. Solid foundation. Strong moral value. Theirs certain new shows that’s out now, that are good. But most shows are all reality, but their not real. Theirs no depth to them. The show isn’t helping the generation. There is no lessons being learned.

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