My first Post

When I was younger I love to take photography, taking pictures and remembering the moments when the pictures are taken is very valuable to me. Then I started using Photoshop to make a T mobile commercial for my computer class in high school, that was a very fun experience. As I got into a more advanced computer class in high school we started using Poser 7 to create short animations, I couldn’t really get how that works but I still managed to make a 30 second short animation. I’m most interested and comfortable in Photoshop because I had some previous experience of that and it amazed me how real the picture is after being photoshopped. I’m not familiar with making GIFS and I want to learn how to make them because it seems very fun and entertaining. DSC00179

I took this picture when I was at vacation and I am amazed at how the colors blend together very well I love photography.

2 thoughts on “My first Post”

  1. Wow I love the color and the design… I would love to learn how to do it. This reminded me of a glass thing I used to look inside and it would make different design everything I move the glass…

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