Lets Talk Media

I have some experience with digital storytelling tools. I am familiar with photoshop, gimp, youtube, movie maker, cameras, video recording. I used to dabble in graphic design, but it has been a while so my skills may be rusty. I feel comfortable with those tools because i have used them before as hobbies or for class. I would like to learn more about blogging because it looks interesting. My friends always rave about tumblr. I tried using tumblr but it was kind of confusing. I would not say that I am uncomfortable with it. Once I play around with it I will be able to understand it more.

The media I chose is this picture I took while skating Chelsea Piers. I just happened to be longboarding and on my phone at the same time and caught this perfect moment. I uploaded on instagram and used a filter on it too. I just cant remember which one.


Author: Blue Hair Bandit

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