Cant Keep Calm

Back To college

Everyone makes keep calm, this is made by me, its simple but I was very excited to get back to class after a long summer break. To learn new things, I have worked a little with Photoshop, Imovie to edit video a little. I live by my pictures, I think it shows everything without saying anything. And learning new way to create  can make sometime out of this world. Arts like this made by I think every women can relate to this, more works like this are on the blog. When I wear heel I try to walk away from grate. 12 Amazingly Useful And Accurate Tips For Living In NYC  After getting your heel stuck if you wearing a dress this happens.  I wish I could use something to play with this picture of Marilyn Monroe. I hope to learn that and maybe make something out of this. Look at my simple work Cant Keep Calm and look at the works here of NYC. It gets me really surprised how people can do so much stuff. So that’s I am taking this class to learn stuff like this. Since I do love Computers and Web, my major is Information System with Minor in Communication. Looking forward to learn a-lot this semester. Hope to make something wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Cant Keep Calm”

  1. wow!! I really like the keep calm poster you made and that basic tips you posted is very good that is sometimes true i seen that alot!

  2. I love the quote! New York City is a place full of glamour and history. New York City is also famous for street style clothes.The evolution from glamour style to something functional and street-like is evident in history. I hope to learn how to make posters also. Great post!

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