Kiwi and Wiwi

The skills I have currently is that I can draw on photoshop using a tablet. I am not an expert at using photoshop. All I can do currently is color in my drawings. I can draw anime even though I am an amateur. I would like to learn more about photoshop and how to animate, create gifs, audio editing,  and editing videos. I have attached one of the drawings that I’ve illustrated. This drawing is from a page I made in Facebook called Kiwi Wiwi that contains most of my drawings involving characters Kiwi and Wiwi. A brief introduction to the characters shown is Wiwi is a male puppy and Kiwi is a female kitten. Though it is hard to read, the script text in the background says “The day you made my heart go all thumpidy thump was the day I began following you”.

When Kiwi met Wiwi
When Kiwi met Wiwi

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