The Urban Aphrodite

I’ve recently changed my major to Communication Technology so I don’t really have any experience as of yet. I don’t have much experience with these tools but I’m curious about editing photos creating animations especially GIF’s. I had a tumblr account where I always came across GIF’s for the first time and I was always curious about how to create them. The most experience I have would probably be with my iPhone. Im always recording videos and using apps to edit and crop them. Im also enrolled in CT 244 and I recently did an assignment recording and editing sound which was pretty cool.

photo urbanaphrodite

This image is one of my custom pieces I named “Urban Aphrodite”. I am an aspiring tattoo artist and my tattoo artist gives me different themes every week and i would have to make my own piece. The first theme he gave me was roses and the second theme was feathers. As my skills improved he allowed me to combine previous pieces to make one big piece. And as you can see this piece above is added feathers and roses to complete it. Her headband is actually made out of feathers and she has roses for eyes.

8 thoughts on “The Urban Aphrodite”

  1. I think it’s awesome that you want to be a tattoo artist. It’s a very creative and intense career to get into. I love this art piece you designed and how unique and abstract it is.

    1. Thank you and yes it is a very intensive career theres a lot of competition but people are always supporting and pushing me to get more and more into it but thank you.

  2. I love this piece! It has a street art feel. I can tell you have been drawing for a while, because of your use of shadows, and your attention to detail.

    1. Thank you I never looked at it that way but I do see it now. I’ve been drawing since a kid I was always able to look at things and draw it but i recently learned some skill to better my art. I always had trouble with shading i guess im getting better.

  3. Wow you are a great artist, I wish I can make art like you. Hope to see a remix for this… Looking forward to seeing great arts from you.

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