Posting, But Not Roasting

In shooting photos I am suitable, and editing photos I am not an advance in Photoshop, but I am decent. In shooting and editing videos I don’t do a lot of recording, but I’ve use to do a good amount of editing in Sony Vegas. For sound I use to work with Pro Tools and I am pretty bad at sound recording or recreating sounds in Foley. I use to render GIFs in GIMP, but I stopped. I find myself comfortable working in Photoshop, because I have a couple of years with Photoshop, plus they are a lot of public resource or tutorials  if you don’t know how to do something on Photoshop. If I would like to learn a program better it would be After Effects, because I only used it one to make a video intro.

As a hobby I re-texture weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive, but now I mostly re-texture weapons in a video game call “Insurgency”. In this image is a M9 Pistol that I re-textured in Photoshop.

M9 Black Cutlass

Here’s another link to my Insurgency weapon workshop.

My WorkShop

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  1. Looks like you have a lot of familiarity with a number of digital editing tools. Awesome! I’d love to hear more at some point about your work on re-texturing weapons for video games. That’s a whole community unto itself and I’d be interested to learn more about how it works and how you got involved and if there’s been reaction/use of your work.

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