Not Computer Savvy

My computer skills are limited. I know how to use the social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter a lot. I have a little knowledge of Photobucket and Paint. I do not know to shoot nor edit photos or videos. I do know how manipulate text, but I only use WordArt most of the time. I know how to record audio, but I do not know how to insert a recording into a website. I do not know how to make an animated GIF. I am not computer savvy. I am eager to learn. I am most comfortable using Photobucket. I would like to learn how to use all tools in order to design an amazing website.


This is a photo I took when I arrived in Livingston, Guatemala. I love the cloudy skies and how calm the trees are. I took this picture while I was on a boat. I love how Livingston is a peaceful village. Many of my family members live there and I had so much fun visiting them. 


By blueangelwings

Betsy A girl who loves to laugh.


  1. You take really nice picture. It has such clamming feeling. At least you about twitter I don’t get twitter lol. But I do use it for entering giveaways and get information about events and stuff. We will learn a lot from this class.

  2. yes it is a very calm feeling, i try to maintain calm majority of the time. I have no knowledge of twitter lol because I never used it.

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