New Experiences

Social media is nothing new to me. I started way back since MySpace. Even since then I have kept up with social media. I have tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube. I’ve never really blogged since it never really interested me. On the picture side I’ve never done gifs or much of photoshopping. The close I have got to Photoshop was in a class but my skills are not up to part. I find using photoshop difficult but I would not mind learning again. My photography skills are amateur. Most pictures are self portraits or “selfies”, things I’ve seen while outside and sometimes food.


This is dumplings from a Korean restaraunt that I do not remember.  This was taken sometime last semester while I was attending QCC. I found a love for Korean food so I thought maybe I should be one of the many people who takes pictures of the food they enjoy.

I have never taken a class like this and I believe this can help me out with my future career.


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