Nature is a living beauty

I’ve always had a fascination for photography, although I’m not a professional it entices me! I love looking back at pictures I took and do simple edits. I depend very much on my iPod Touch because most of my pictures are there and honestly, I never leave home without it. I like watching funny videos on YouTube but I’ve never edited a video, used Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator or created GIF files and I’m very interested in learning to work my way around them.IMG_2625[1]I saw this picture while at a zoo in the caribbean and I had to take a picture, it’s so beautiful. I edited it using Flickr, it looks even more beautiful now.

One thought on “Nature is a living beauty”

  1. I have the same interest in photography as a hobby but don’t have the tools yet beside my iphone or iPad. Learning to edit will be something interesting. Enticing you uploaded a picture of a flower because close to my job there is a flower shop and there are some really beautiful flowers there.

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