Lazy but Talented

My anxiety and panic attacks seem to flare during the school year. I plan to take this semester one day at a time. This should be me when finals week rolls around.

I plan on completing every assignment, the more I do, the more I will learn. Unfortunately, I suspect anxiety, and laziness may take over. I am looking forward to the prompt work, and blogging. These assignments seem to give you the most artistic freedom. I think you are letting each student choose their own assignments so we all can shine in our own way. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have never made a GIF, but if I understand the concept, I may do more of those assignments also. I plan to complete assignments as soon as possible. If my creative juices are flowing, they may be done the same night they were assigned. Yes, I have considered the possibility that I will not receive full credit, but that is why I plan to do as much as possible.

By Chereese Sheen

Future journalist and Best Selling Author


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