Clueless but don’t think I’m foolish


I have used Dreamweaver and Photoshop in the past but nothing recently. Most of the time where I create something, it’s by hand. I not too peavy on Digital work as of yet and most of the things I learned in high school, I have forgotten.  I have done some work using photoshop, but I was soo lost, I just played around with a few tools to see what I could create. I dont remember the steps or tools I used to create the work, but it turned out nice.  I can’t say what I’m comfortable with because I don’t know much but I will like to learn everything my teacher has shown me such as the GIF and other tools that will be useful. I’m open to learn anything.

This picture was created by me, by hand. I used pencil of course, Primacolor pencils and basic paper

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