Animated GIF Portrait

For this assignment, I chose to do Kim Taehyung or otherwise known as V from the band BTS. I felt inspired to choose him as I recently saw the band live in concert and out of them all, he happened to catch my eye.

Anyways, while trying to create this animated gif on photoshop I was doing well but at some point, I got lost along the way. I was heavily confused by the multiple steps that had to be taken and got them mixed up. Thankfully, Professor Seslow was able to teach me these steps again and helped me fix the issues I was having. Hopefully, I’ll be able to master making another animated gif with some more practice but overall, I’m pretty pleased with the end result of this gif.

Third Gif project

Bella Hadid

Trying to follow directions for this project was really hard. I was trying to take out parts of the picture I had chose and put a different picture in the back to make an effect so it can move. It was really hard because I didn’t know step by step how to finish the work. I would like to give it another try next week to do better. She is  a model and she is very beautiful as well. I will use this same picture to re do the project from last week. I hope I could be able to figure it out.

Midterm week? You got this 👍

Supposedly this week is midterm week and to all my brothers and sisters from both Tuesday and Thursday, I wish you guys all the best luck because trust me you’re going to need it. But don’t worry as long as you studied and pay attention this far into the semester you should be fine. Once it’s done I would offer to buy each and everyone a drink but sadly I’m broke so you guys get hugs lol