The tools i have used to edit any sort of media are the basic apps provide by my Iphone. These include Instagram filters, pic post play, frametastic and flipagram. I am comfortable using these apps to some extent but could know a lot more.I know how to shoot basic Iphone or ipad videos. I tried once to start youtube videos but didn’t get far because i didn’t know how to use Imovie.  I am not comfortable, well really not knowledgeable enough on using photoshop software and things of that nature. So i am really fresh hence the title.

Here are some of my favorites images



Old Love meets New Love

Different from your average iPhone battery
Different from your average iPhone battery

When manipulating photos I like to use Photoshop and GIMP. I used those two softwares to create a New York Knicks Charging Battery image on an old iPhone i had that was jailbroken. I also used Photoshop to change the slider to the Knicks logo and the carrier at the top of the phone to the Knicks logo as well. I would like to learn how to use iMovie and Audacity, because I have never used them before and I think it would be a great opportunity to learn how to use them.

Amateur Hours

Spider VS HULK v-2


Janken Scissors Colored

I have very little skills in all forms of digital storytelling. The best I can do is basic image manipulation. Above is some work I’ve done in the past. The first was a black and white picture I decided to color in Microsoft paint about 10 years ago. The second is another picture I colored about 4 years ago, however I cannot recall the name of the software I used. Technically, I’m most comfortable with Microsoft Paint because all it has is the basics which I all I’ve needed for the type of editing I want to do but I’m aware that it’s a microcosm of real image editing software. I would like to become better with a superior image editing software like Gimp because I constantly feel the desire to make certain images but I’ve never had the skill to do so.

new beginnings

Im not real experienced in what this course requires. I have some experience in shooting video. I have recorded basketball games,church services, and other events. I have recently began working with Photoshop in my computer graphics class. I only used it for a couple of hours but I’m getting the hang of it. I began learning how to add colors to the background of pictures and how to erase things on the photo that I didn’t want there. I also learned how to scan an old photo and edit it to look brand new again.


This is one of the photos I am working on in photoshop. As you can see i’m erasing the background.

My first Post

When I was younger I love to take photography, taking pictures and remembering the moments when the pictures are taken is very valuable to me. Then I started using Photoshop to make a T mobile commercial for my computer class in high school, that was a very fun experience. As I got into a more advanced computer class in high school we started using Poser 7 to create short animations, I couldn’t really get how that works but I still managed to make a 30 second short animation. I’m most interested and comfortable in Photoshop because I had some previous experience of that and it amazed me how real the picture is after being photoshopped. I’m not familiar with making GIFS and I want to learn how to make them because it seems very fun and entertaining. DSC00179

I took this picture when I was at vacation and I am amazed at how the colors blend together very well I love photography.