Leveraging the Giphy.com Contest for Class!

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Class, Our friends over at Giphy.com will launch a great new opportunity on 9/22! Yes, Monday! Tomorrow! Our class day! You know Giphy right? Its the Internet’s greatest search engine for GIFs!

Giphy is partnering with the messaging app Line (500 million users), ADHD, Frederator, Tumblr, and lots of others for an awesome contest focusing on art and communication in digital sticker form. This can certainly be used as an opportunity for our CT101 class. How will you use this as a potential opportunity? Daily Create? Digital Story Telling? Blog Post? We want to know!

Prizes include $10k for the grand prize winner and all top ten finalists will receive a Cintiq!
Submitting is simple – you can just email your submissions to stickers@giphy.com !! Any of your existing or new art can be entered into the competition (and you can submit as many pieces as you want).  It can be animated or static (GIF file if animated, PNG if static), and it just has to have a transparent background, and has to correspond to one of the emotion categories listed here ->TheShopContestCategories (when you submit, just make note of know which emotion(s) each submission corresponds to).  You’ll continue to own all the art you submit – by submitting you just get the chance to win cool prizes and get tons of exposure!
The Guidelines – Submission Guidelines
Any Questions? Bring them to Class on Monday 9/22 or get a thread going here below.


Domains are as unique as you would want yourself to be seen. A student or faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” possibly to express oneself or to maybe even gain popularity. There can be a need for one of these for professional/personal use in order to create a space in the internet and take it with you, as described in the recording. In other words, you can use that to establish a professional image to help you explain who you are. As a student this can be possibly be a virtual resume, or selling point of your talents etc. I agree with the recording’s statement of the fact that you can be yourself or the exact opposite of who you are on the web. Jim says that parents would often say “hide your identity” and such which makes sense if shy people do not want to fully put themselves out there. Maybe these types of people would truly express themselves only though and unknown identity. I try to not fully expose my identity because in some cases that can put you at risk of identity(even though its probably something small like a fake account of yourself) and stuff of that nature. For this reason and others, I would probably choose a domain name based on my favorite ‘old school’ car, an ‘MR2’. The domain name i searched and found available based on it being solely based on this favorite vehicle was “mr2.in” which would apparently only cost me $8.99 to purchase :). I would own it for the simple reason that I would upload information pertaining only to this car that other admirers of the vehicle would be able to enjoy as well.

Step into My Domain

Having a domain name can really establish your online presence. It helps you establish your presence and gives you a foothold in the untamed territory that is the internet.

For my Domain name I would choose dannyblaxon.net or .com. I would only do that because that has become my online identity. Many people may not know me but dannyblaxon is my own creation and I will not give that up. It is the name I use for my youtube videos and my twitter handle so I will just continue the trend and expand the dannyblaxon name on the internet.

Online World… Here I Come!

I believe a student or faculty member should have a domain of their own because some people want to have an online identity. In addition, the domain will become one’s personal area in the internet world. One can crave a space on the internet and can post and blog about anything they would like. Jim Groom stated that the domain name can help one “develop their online identity”. In order words, the domain name can show the world who that person is by the links they post or the posts they can write about it and the opinions they write about. For example, politics, beauty, fashion, art, and video games can be reviewed and can be posted on your blog. One who glances on the blog will get a grasp of the individual. Becoming a “digital citizen” is important because the web is an open space and your domain name will be your place in internet world where you can write about anything and soon you will be participating in the internet world discussion. Jim Groom asserted that the internet is “space that helps define you”. This strengthens my belief that the internet can help people learn more about a topic and share with others. The internet can be a place where one can be able to share thoughts and feelings and even receive responses back, therefore engaging in a discussion about topics that may interest you. This can be helpful for a professional domain also. People have their own domain for professional or private use because they can write about anything and be an active participant of the internet world.


The domain should describe who you are and have people be fascinated by the contents that are on your blog. The domain name should be interesting, different, and should make a person want to click on your blog. I plan to choose my domain name by combing my hobbies, favorite color, and my name. My domain name will not be my name or a theme. I know the name might sound weird, but I believe the domain name should be unique. I might use a quote because I love inspirational quotes, but I want to create a name that is powerful, bold, and different. I searched on https://instantdomainsearch.com/ and found that the domain names I wrote in were not taken. I plan to make a domain name that is sweet, bold, and unique. I plan to make blueangelwings my domain name because it represents my favorite color I have always used either angel or wings as my usernames for other accounts so I figured I’ll used it to create my blog. I am very excited to start creating my blog.


Domain Domination

We, as a society, have truly submerged ourselves into the age of the Internet. And in doing so, we have added on to our personal identities by creating domains within the Web. Most people, such as students and even professors, find it essential to have a “domain of one’s own”. There is so much importance in being able to have your own place in the World Wide Web and being able to control where you can showcase your talents, create and execute ideas, as well as just share the things that you’re interested in. You’re able to connect with people in a way that you wouldn’t be able to offline, especially since you can interact with a large amount of people from anywhere in the world – something that you wouldn’t be able to do outside of the Internet.

After listening to Tech Therapy with Jim Groom, I strongly feel that most people nowadays, especially the youth, find it more worthwhile to create domains for strictly personal usage. This allows a lot more flexibility and comfort when adding to this domain, as opposed to a more professional one where you have to sort of follow a guideline as to what you can post from what you can’t, and even though this can be rather restricting, it is definitely valuable in its own sense.

I’ve personally already created my own domain name and have been editing my digital identity for quite some years now. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I want to add on to the domain name I already have or create a completely new one. It’s a huge decision to make. A part of me wants to just use my name and create my first professional online identity and then another part of me wants to maintain the personal identity that I’ve already created and just build upon it. I think for now I’ll go with the latter. I won’t share my domain name just yet because “stealing one’s identity” is a thing and someone may read it, like it, and decide to use the domain name for themselves. But, the reason I chose it two years ago was because I’ve always been a huge lover of anything aquatic themed. I just feel people can learn so much from the ocean(s) and all it/they inhabit, as well as the overall poetic and spiritual themes that are associated with the sea. I used to be a swimmer so it was only natural that every domain name I chose had to do with water.

Overall, I’m excited about all the content that I’ll be able to create and attach to my domain because I know that the possibilities are endless.