Lazy but Talented

My anxiety and panic attacks seem to flare during the school year. I plan to take this semester one day at a time. This should be me when finals week rolls around.

I plan on completing every assignment, the more I do, the more I will learn. Unfortunately, I suspect anxiety, and laziness may take over. I am looking forward to the prompt work, and blogging. These assignments seem to give you the most artistic freedom. I think you are letting each student choose their own assignments so we all can shine in our own way. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have never made a GIF, but if I understand the concept, I may do more of those assignments also. I plan to complete assignments as soon as possible. If my creative juices are flowing, they may be done the same night they were assigned. Yes, I have considered the possibility that I will not receive full credit, but that is why I plan to do as much as possible.

Not Computer Savvy

My computer skills are limited. I know how to use the social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter a lot. I have a little knowledge of Photobucket and Paint. I do not know to shoot nor edit photos or videos. I do know how manipulate text, but I only use WordArt most of the time. I know how to record audio, but I do not know how to insert a recording into a website. I do not know how to make an animated GIF. I am not computer savvy. I am eager to learn. I am most comfortable using Photobucket. I would like to learn how to use all tools in order to design an amazing website.


This is a photo I took when I arrived in Livingston, Guatemala. I love the cloudy skies and how calm the trees are. I took this picture while I was on a boat. I love how Livingston is a peaceful village. Many of my family members live there and I had so much fun visiting them. 

Here to Learn

My background knowledge on editing videos, and creating GIF’s is the bare minimum. The closest I have come to being a photographer is taking “self portraits,” and weak nature shots. All mediums of art captivate me, so I am eager to master them. Tools I have recently used are simple Instagram add-on apps. I do not edit my pictures, because I like them to stand on their own. However, I do use an app called #SquareDroid, which allows you to post pictures on Instagram without having to crop them. Also, KD Collage, which is a app for making picture collages. I guess, I am more comfortable with simple tools, and apps. In the past, I tried to start my own blog to share my writing, and failed miserably. I am glad this class will help me develop a good foundation for my future profession.

March 22, 2013, I decided to cut off all my hair. I was going through a rough time, and decided I needed change. I went from relaxed, armpit length hair to a naturally curly baby Afro. I used the app KD Collage for this picture.

Posting, But Not Roasting

In shooting photos I am suitable, and editing photos I am not an advance in Photoshop, but I am decent. In shooting and editing videos I don’t do a lot of recording, but I’ve use to do a good amount of editing in Sony Vegas. For sound I use to work with Pro Tools and I am pretty bad at sound recording or recreating sounds in Foley. I use to render GIFs in GIMP, but I stopped. I find myself comfortable working in Photoshop, because I have a couple of years with Photoshop, plus they are a lot of public resource or tutorials  if you don’t know how to do something on Photoshop. If I would like to learn a program better it would be After Effects, because I only used it one to make a video intro.

As a hobby I re-texture weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive, but now I mostly re-texture weapons in a video game call “Insurgency”. In this image is a M9 Pistol that I re-textured in Photoshop.

M9 Black Cutlass

Here’s another link to my Insurgency weapon workshop.

My WorkShop

Media World Junkie

I’ve been a pretty active member of the media/tech world for a while now. My main pride and joy is my Flickr account. I also have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube channel, and have been on these social networking sites for a few years now. I’ve used iMovie in high school in order to shoot, edit and publish short videos and movies that I either starred in or helped to produce. I’ve worked with a wide range of media tools starting from a $3,000 film camera to a handheld camcorder. I currently use a digital camera when taking images or shooting videos and use Photoshop Express Editor as well as Windows Movie Maker for editing. I have never used Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects but would definitely love to learn how to utilize them for future projects and ideas I may want to build on and create.


This is a picture I took of my friend, Jason, to commemorate the first snow of last year’s Winter. I love how the colors of this image make it look like he’s melting into the scenery. I enjoy photography because I’m able to capture moments like these.

Note: Also, if you would like, check out my YouTube channel and watch the two videos I edited starring a few of my friends.