I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this!

For this animated GIF  project. The class chose still images and rendered them into GIF’s. I chose this particular image from the Dracula movie promo. I really do not care to see the film, or have no special interest in vampires( Twilight killed it for me) ,but I respect, the graphics , and overall artistry. i would like to one day pursue a career in digital animation so this was right up my alley.


Nostradamus Timeline


In this gif I decided to make a Nostradamus theme [Source]. In this image I lassoed the outline of Nostradamus and then I inverted the selection and then cut the image. Next was to find a 2 to 4 Megapixel of space. After I found my image I decided to layer the background to the back. Now to animate the background, I started to nudge the image to the left and then use creating the frame. Now rinse and repeat until 60 frames to create a moving image.


In this second image I believe that this background is suited for this sort of theme. For this gif I imported the space gif in 60 layers. Now for this image I selected all of the 60 layers and then dropped it in the Nostradamus workspace. Now I add the Layer 1 of the space gif to the Nostradamus by using the eye hider layer tool. Now I repeat the steps for 60 layers.

Tron: Legacy Turns into a Gif Legacy



 I decided to do a very simple gif of an image taken from one of my favorite movies, Tron: Legacy. I decided to create this sort of “turn off, turn on” type of gif because I think that at times humans feel the need to “turn off”, a lot like a robot can. Obviously this image is of the musical duo Daft Punk and there are indeed men underneath those helmets and suits but I think it’s really interesting the way they’ve incorporated the look of being robots into their image. Because, as I said before, humans can be a lot like robots. The wanting to “turn off” factor describes how a person feels when they just want to shut out the world for a bit and not engage in any sort of interaction with anyone or anything and I wanted to portray that feeling through animation and figured this was the best way to do it.

This gif can also be used as a sort of “pending” reaction gif. Say for example someone says something that you can’t quite comprehend at first so this could symbolize that you’re thinking about it but haven’t quite understood it yet.

I’m glad I decided to do this project because I gained a lot from it. Not only was I able to practice using Photoshop but I also practiced how to come up with ideas that I find creative and that truly express my interests. I can’t wait to make my blog so that I can post this on there and share it with other people besides my class.