Clueless but don’t think I’m foolish


I have used Dreamweaver and Photoshop in the past but nothing recently. Most of the time where I create something, it’s by hand. I not too peavy on Digital work as of yet and most of the things I learned in high school, I have forgotten.  I have done some work using photoshop, but I was soo lost, I just played around with a few tools to see what I could create. I dont remember the steps or tools I used to create the work, but it turned out nice.  I can’t say what I’m comfortable with because I don’t know much but I will like to learn everything my teacher has shown me such as the GIF and other tools that will be useful. I’m open to learn anything.

This picture was created by me, by hand. I used pencil of course, Primacolor pencils and basic paper

Lazy but Talented

My anxiety and panic attacks seem to flare during the school year. I plan to take this semester one day at a time. This should be me when finals week rolls around.

I plan on completing every assignment, the more I do, the more I will learn. Unfortunately, I suspect anxiety, and laziness may take over. I am looking forward to the prompt work, and blogging. These assignments seem to give you the most artistic freedom. I think you are letting each student choose their own assignments so we all can shine in our own way. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have never made a GIF, but if I understand the concept, I may do more of those assignments also. I plan to complete assignments as soon as possible. If my creative juices are flowing, they may be done the same night they were assigned. Yes, I have considered the possibility that I will not receive full credit, but that is why I plan to do as much as possible.

Not Computer Savvy

My computer skills are limited. I know how to use the social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter a lot. I have a little knowledge of Photobucket and Paint. I do not know to shoot nor edit photos or videos. I do know how manipulate text, but I only use WordArt most of the time. I know how to record audio, but I do not know how to insert a recording into a website. I do not know how to make an animated GIF. I am not computer savvy. I am eager to learn. I am most comfortable using Photobucket. I would like to learn how to use all tools in order to design an amazing website.


This is a photo I took when I arrived in Livingston, Guatemala. I love the cloudy skies and how calm the trees are. I took this picture while I was on a boat. I love how Livingston is a peaceful village. Many of my family members live there and I had so much fun visiting them. 

Here to Learn

My background knowledge on editing videos, and creating GIF’s is the bare minimum. The closest I have come to being a photographer is taking “self portraits,” and weak nature shots. All mediums of art captivate me, so I am eager to master them. Tools I have recently used are simple Instagram add-on apps. I do not edit my pictures, because I like them to stand on their own. However, I do use an app called #SquareDroid, which allows you to post pictures on Instagram without having to crop them. Also, KD Collage, which is a app for making picture collages. I guess, I am more comfortable with simple tools, and apps. In the past, I tried to start my own blog to share my writing, and failed miserably. I am glad this class will help me develop a good foundation for my future profession.

March 22, 2013, I decided to cut off all my hair. I was going through a rough time, and decided I needed change. I went from relaxed, armpit length hair to a naturally curly baby Afro. I used the app KD Collage for this picture.

Posting, But Not Roasting

In shooting photos I am suitable, and editing photos I am not an advance in Photoshop, but I am decent. In shooting and editing videos I don’t do a lot of recording, but I’ve use to do a good amount of editing in Sony Vegas. For sound I use to work with Pro Tools and I am pretty bad at sound recording or recreating sounds in Foley. I use to render GIFs in GIMP, but I stopped. I find myself comfortable working in Photoshop, because I have a couple of years with Photoshop, plus they are a lot of public resource or tutorials  if you don’t know how to do something on Photoshop. If I would like to learn a program better it would be After Effects, because I only used it one to make a video intro.

As a hobby I re-texture weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive, but now I mostly re-texture weapons in a video game call “Insurgency”. In this image is a M9 Pistol that I re-textured in Photoshop.

M9 Black Cutlass

Here’s another link to my Insurgency weapon workshop.

My WorkShop