It happened by chance


 This project was not easy to do. Not only did my Photoshop kept on troubleshooting,but on top of that when I wanted to upload,it didn’t upload as a GIF; instead it uploaded as a still photo.

I’ve done some googling and found a way on how to create the GIF into a URL and it worked!

For those of you who are having trouble as well,use this website right here and it will solve all your problems. You just need to create an account,upload the GIF from your desktop,and then copy the link onto your blog and problem solved.

but anyways, I chose Starbucks because its my favorite coffee shop in the world. whenever I see Starbucks, I go inside, even if I don’t plan on buying anything.

one time I even wrote a speech on how Starbucks coffee is better than Dunkin donuts,because that’s how much I love it.

Overall,this project was fun to do,but in the future I wouldn’t do it again; it was too much of a nuisance and isn’t for me.

Well that’s pretty much it for today,see you next time!

Stay still… BUT MOVE !

How coooooool.  Once again.  I can take my favorite still media and animate it to make it move smooth.

This BMW M3 is one of my favorite cars.  One day I’ll get one, but for now I will have fun editing with the free pictures online. I love how the effects made the image come to life. 

Welcome to the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic.  The refreshing and swifts winds of the ocean make things go the way they want.  This palm tree is leaning in to take a closer look at the warm water.  I decided to do a light to dark piece for this one.  Just as fast as this image changes filters is just as fast as the time seems to go by when you’re on vacation.

I owe myself a trip very soon!


My feelings about this class!


To begin, I just want to start off by mentioning that I didn’t expect this course to be so carefree. I felt super relieved that it’s not one of those classes where everything simply revolves around studying and taking exams. I’m just hoping that I’ll eventually be able to express my thoughts and opinions more freely in our class blog throughout the semester.Yay to no exams!


Surprisingly I had a hard time with this assignment but I do like the end result. I was really good at using photoshop back in high school and this just reminded me how much i have forgotten already ! I wanted to practice more but since there wasn’t enough time in class I looked online to find another way to make a image move using filters. I saw IT recently and figured this was a good assignment to try it out.

If anyone else wants to try I used to create the GIF and used to create the different filters. Photoshop is a lot more smooth looking but its still cool to see how you can use other websites to do something similar.