My quote and digital storytelling project


“In short, students would build a personal cyberinfrastructure, one they would continue to modify and extend throughout their college career — and beyond.” This quote is meaning full to me because this is what I get this is what I an hoping to get out of this class. And it has already helped me create a gif which i have never done before.  My domain name will be something involving lions. Because it is none of my favorite animals. the domain i want to use is

Gif time

Since it is close to October, a person can use this gif as a way to say happy Halloween. The woman has a serious angry face and her eyes changes colors. The shaky like movement of the photo can represent how powerful the rage is. If someone sent that to you, you can tell that you better apologize quick. It can represent a person feeling crazy or someone who is feeling evil. It can even represent someone who mood is changing rapidly rapidly.

Here is an example of how this gif can be used via text message:

Me: Hey girl whats up?

Friend: Cramps!!!!

Me: Aww….im sorry to hear. Wish I could make it better

Friend: Give me chocolate. NOW!!!!!




The Moon Tells All

I attempted to make a GIF today. I interpret this reaction GIF to mean that the night is young. I love how bright the moon gets some nights. I chose this reaction GIF because people correlate Sailor Moon with the moon because the moon is her symbol.

Someone would use this gif in place of a textual conversation if the conversation means hanging out at night. Many people like to party and hang out at night. This can mean the night is still young. There are so many places to hang out at night like a party, a lounge, a restaurant, or a skate park.

An example of how a conversation would go is:

Me: Let’s go to a party!

Friend: I’m tired. We were at a party last night.

Me: (insert this gif)


Friend: You are right. The night is young. Okay. I will go.

Sailor Moon is a popular manga and anime series. Since I love anime and most of my friends do too, we would totally get the reference about the moon. Taysha (Blue Hair Bandit) helped me create this GIF. She is a pro. Special thanks to her!