Game Plan Set!


I have chosen several assignments to do. First I plan on doing the digital storytelling project 1 and create a gif out of a video I have taken not to long ago. I have chosen this assignment because i have always wanted to learn how to create gifs. I plan on doing them on time and within the day that it is given. I plan on taking it slow at first and then build a pace from there. I have considered that I will not do perfect on every single assignment. It is pretty awesome to have the flexibility to choose whatever assignment you want becuase it gives one the ability to asses their abilities to a specific assignment. I also plan on working on a personal website as it is another tool I wished to learn how to make. I believe that knowledge is power and things should be taken at a gradual pace. I have chosen this because it will show what I gradually will intend on doing in this class.



The 1st Day

excitied I am so excited. I want to know how to use the computer not only for basic skills but to create moving images, design graphics, and creating digital stories. I am looking forward to meeting others and gaining social skills. I know a little about video editing and a little about photo editing. I would like to complete majority of the assignments. The fact that we have the freedom to choose what topic we want to work on may allow people to get out of their comfort zone and show their talent. I have no talent, i tried to sing once but I’m horrible at it so I gave that dream up lol.

I am Hype

I am so hyped for this class. I believe you guys let us pick our own assignments so that we could not be hassled by things like worrying about what we are going to do. I do love doing reaction gifs ,and making a website sounds amazing. I love the fact that there is a class that lets me use my creativity in a digital age sense.

To be honest I have no game plan but as soon as I see something cool and fun to do I will do it. I have a good feeling about this class and I hope that this class will be fun and help me get my creative streak back on track. So let the chips fall where they may. Let’s do this!

Plan to an A

Most of the class will focus on blogging because it allows you to receive 550 points if you do everything correctly, but I will also focus on another aspect which are the weekly reflections. This is an easy thing to complete because we are just writing about what he think and know. Its no right or wrong answer and we get to express ourselves. I am in no rush to have these assignments completed. I will take my time so I can learn more and give the best blogs and reflections that I can. Attendance is also another way to get easy points.


I chose this GIF because that was my reaction when I found out we can choose what we wanted to work on for this class and didn’t have to complete every single assignment