Net art gif making

Today’s assignment was fun. We learned how to put a still image over a gif. I got my picture from the NYPL and my gif from giphy. I was having some trouble with mine but Prof. Ryan helped me through it. we also learned a different method of saving our work which was recording what we were doing on the screen and cropping and saving what we wanted.


Spring Break

Though I have been waiting for spring break since winter break ended somehow I hadn’t even realized spring break was starting next week until this week Monday. When my friend offhandedly mentioned spring break I immediately had paused what I was doing and I’m sure my face was just one of shock and confusion ↓

I had gotten so caught up with midterms and papers that I had completely escaped my mind that spring break was in April. Once I remembered I was just ↓

and then ↓

Needless to say my Spring Break is going to be spent sleeping, catching up on some shows and generally being as lazy as possible.

My Personal Website

For the first time in my life I got to create my own website, with the help of professor Seslow, I was able to do this. Creating a website wasn’t easy It was actually a lot harder than I thought. Any who I am excited about customizing my website and start publishing posts their from now on.

Although I ran into a problem which was when the site wasn’t live for a while. I had to ask my professor for help and after sometime we decide to reach out to reclaim hosting. After contacting reclaim hosting they solved my problem within 10 minutes. This troubleshooting experience will be helpful for me in the future if I ever run into anymore problem. At this moment I am trying make it a site where I will be sharing posts about my video gaming and some other blogs, I hoping to make it a site so people can enjoy reading the blogs and watch gameplay videos. Without any more delay here is the link to my website.

Click Here: RhymeSaad

When 2 hours = 3 seconds

It is so easy to be intimidated by photoshop. You load the program, and when the screen pops up, you are overtaken by buttons and tools that have so many uses, it’s easy to confuse them.

When it came to the project the class was to do, I was a bit apprehensive. Just like everyone else, I can be overwhelmed by new things easily. The project was to take a photo and use photoshop to edit it and make it animated. When it came to doing this, I was completely lost, so I decided to look up a video on YouTube.

The video I decided on was Animate Photos in Photoshop – Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts. This video was extremely helpful in helping me with the project, because it was exactly what I wanted to do- I had an idea and I knew I had taken a photo a few months before that would fit it perfectly. So once I found the tutorial and my imagine, it was easy to get started.

Annnd I found that it was no so easy to do. I got mixed up with a few of the photoshop tools and how they work, so it took me a bit to even get started. Once I got started, I went back and forth between the video and my workspace, mimicking the steps that this online teacher (of sorts) took.

The entire process took me two hours. My finished product was 3 second long. I can honestly say that I have never spent so long doing something for such a small result; I was proud, confused and a little bit bitter all at the same time. But every time I see the little animation I made, I feel pretty happy with it. Next time I do this, I know the things I could do differently, and hopefully that will help me cut the work time in half.