My First Impressions + Review: Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette

Can y’all believe that I decided that I was finally ready to purchase a Juvia’s Place palette? When I tell y’all , I wasn’t for Juvia’s Place shenanigans, I wasn’t here for it all. Y’all they really tied to pull a a Shea Moisture! Check these article and video out: Black Beauty Guru Met With […]

Can y’all believe that I decided that I was finally ready to purchase a Juvia’s Place palette? When I tell y’all , I wasn’t for Juvia’s Place shenanigans, I wasn’t here for it all. Y’all they really tied to pull a a Shea Moisture! Check these article and video out: Black Beauty Guru Met With Unexpected Backlash in Effort to Push Support for a Black-Owned Brand, Juvia’s Place: Why I won’t EVER order again…) Black business stay making it hard to support black business.-  @TrillestAC. Although most people have this sentiment about black businesses, I feel as if we in the black community should give them a chance to succeed. (This is another topic for another time) Anyways, I decided that Juvia’s Place to give them one more chance. The feedback I was hearing after the bad customer service debacle was mostly positive. So, I received my palette on May 1, 2017. And yes believe the hype sis. This palette is bomb! I created several looks with the palette. So far, so good. Pros: Great Pigementation, Blends Easily, Huge Pan Size and its Vegan(for the vegan lovers). Cons: A minor con is that I wish the palette came with a mirror.  I’ll rate this palette 10/10. I encourage those who love makeup to buy this palette.

Scary Portrait post


I am a huge fan or horror. When I began this project, I immediately knew that I would conduct my project on a horror portrait. I found these images easily on google images, and with the assist of photo shop, I created this piece. I began combining the pictures together. I added some features from one portrait to another. I thought this might make the pictures look a bit more scarier and it did. In one of the images I added creepy eyes from another. I think the portrait looks hilarious and a bit gross. In one slide I actually combined two images together. Online I found a creepy picture of a child and I decided to combine it with a portrait of a woman. I photoshopped the creepy doll at the bottom of the pic of the woman. I think it was a great combination. This assignment was very fun to do. I had lots of fun altering these portraits.

Animated Gif

This is my first animated gif, and it was not easy at all. It took me almost 3 hours to make. I was stuck in the beginning and could not think of what to animate. After searching beginner animation skits I found this image of a girl and slides that I decided to animate. I used photoshop to make this animation happen and it was confusing but I took my time and had some help and I was able to make this picture come to life! Originally it was just an animation of a girl running with a plain background. I thought it was a little too dull, so I decided to add a few things to liven it up. I love food so I decided to add images of fast food in front of the girl running. I thought the concept of a girl running after food seemed funny so why not? then I changed the background to add some life into it and everything soon came together. It’s not the best animated gif, but I think it’s a good start.

Week 7 blog

So the class this week got cancelled because of the snow and although I like snow a lot but the class getting cancelled was a buzz kill. Basically this class is one of my two favorite class this semester. The reason for this is because unlike all the other classes this class always introduces all the students with new creative things to do. The things that we do are always done on the internet which is a very interesting platform for me. I consider the internet a very powerful tool, It can provide us with an endless amount information and other cool stuff for example gif’s and videos and many more. Another reason that I want to attend this class is because this class meets only one day a week so only a handful amount of things can be done in that time.

Anyhow, back to the snowy weather. Since childhood I loved snowy day, making a snowman (as much can be done) to a snow angel were my favorite things to do. But as I grew older those things weren’t so fun to do anymore because whenever it snows now I have to do the shoveling in front of my house and after doing all this I don’t really feel like enjoying the weather or even going out.

My reflection for CT class

As we are almost approaching the end of the semester, I really enjoyed coming to class everyday and learning something new everyday. I really enjoyed this class, and really cant wait to take more classes next semester. The things that we worked on, that was my weakness was working with animated graffiti, conversations about copyright, net art, and thanks to Professor Seslow’s help, I know get a better grasp and know how to do it, and it will be very useful in my future job. I really enjoyed coming to class every Tuesday and writing a meaningful blog post every Tuesday. I really got to learn many things that I didn’t know before, and I appreciate Professor Seslow, always going on his way in helping us in anything we may need or whatever questions we may have regarding the assignment we were doing for that day. Ever since the first day of class, I was so excited in knowing what we were going to learn and work on during the semester. I am really looking forward to taking more CT classes, so I can learn more things all these things that we learn will be very useful in our future job. I really like whenever its Tuesday, because that is when I have CT class, and by the end of the semester, I want to try to take in a lot of things that I have learned, so I can be ready for any situation. I’m happy as well as sad and will really miss this class, every time I had this class, it was always like a learning experience and I got better every time. As far as my website is concerned, I am really happy in all the work that I put in my website, I will still try to fit in more posts before we actually do presentations on it.